Richard Wilson QC, LL.D

Richard Wilson QC, LL.D

Call: 1981
Silk: 2003

Practice Profile

Richard Wilson QC, LL.D is a Commercial law, Public and Administrative law and Employment law specialist. He is also often instructed in cases that require interpretation of written instruments (contracts, statutes, European Union directives etc.).

He has been involved in some landmark decisions in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and the Court of Appeal on a range of matters, including: the interpretation of the European Union Reception Directive, the misuse of confidential information and account of profits as a remedy, and the principles governing the entitlement to costs in judicial review cases (see ‘Notable Cases’ section by clicking link to full profile, below).

Richard’s principal area of practice as a barrister, are commercial disputes. He has notable experience of disputes in the Art & Cultural Property market sector.

He also has considerable experience of wider commercial domestic and international disputes (e.g. distributorship agreements, sale of goods and services, agency agreements, employment issues, property and inheritance, personal injury, regulatory disputes etc).

Richard has 17 years experience as a Recorder (i.e. fee paid judge) in the English courts in civil, employment and criminal jurisdictions. He is well practised in reasoned decision-making.

He is a Panel member (“Commercial Neutral”) of Federal Arbitration (“FedArb”), a leading arbitration and mediation service that offers (1) standard or customised mediation services to suit the parties; and (2) arbitration with all the benefits that would be available litigating in the Federal courts of the United States — ample discovery, principled decision making based on law, with optional appellate review designed to correct error and to prevent arbitrary conduct. For further information see:

The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) “have led the field of conflict management and resolution for 25 years”. During his CEDR mediation accreditation process, Richard was graded “outstanding” in a number of categories.

He was formally assessed as a mediator that:

  • “Combines sound legal analysis with a practical approach to the commercial realities”
  • “Brings a quiet gravitas to the mediation. Utterly impartial and non-judgmental language throughout”
  • “Has a Superb questioning style (concise, clear and relevant)”
  • “Is Calm and confident. Built good rapport”
  • “Kept options open and let the parties determine content”
  • “Generated atmosphere of problem solving”
  • “Produced ‘good precise terms’ for draft settlement agreement”

Participants’ comments:

“Thank you for your patience and persistence which, coupled with necessary wise counsel at strategic moments, proved highly instrumental in procuring a settlement which seemed very unlikely indeed at an earlier stage”
Solicitor, England.

“The dispute has been satisfactorily settled. I believe that your assistance played a very considerable part in achieving this and I am really grateful to you for it”
Solicitor, England.